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Wales' Global Community

The Global Community for Wales and Friends of Wales


There are 3 million people living in Wales. There are another 3 million people around the world with an affinity to Wales. Millions more call themselves friends of Wales. We are more than the land we stand on or the physical boundaries that surround us.

We are the GlobalWelsh.


Bringing Wales Together


Together, we will create new opportunities, share knowledge, introduce you to like-minded people around the world who share your passion for Wales and Welsh values.


We will help the Welsh to achieve their full potential. This will provide significant economic and social benefit to Wales and the GlobalWelsh.


Celebrating Global Welsh Talent


Wales has a lot to be proud of. Traditionally our landscapes, our language and, of course, our rugby.


We can also be proud of the incredible impact the GlobalWelsh make in the world. From Nobel Prize winners and beacons of art and culture to global business leaders and the people who have made themselves pillars of their communities. Their stories are part of Wales' story.

We discover and celebrate Welsh achievement and success wherever it occurs in the world, and inspire the next generation of Welsh leaders, innovators and adventurers.

A Digital Home for the GlobalWelsh Community

We’re creating an online space for our GlobalWelsh community. There, you’ll be able to share events, knowledge, opportunities and much more.

Our Partners

Our partners provide invaluable support towards our vision of a more internationally connected Wales.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of GlobalWelsh or to discuss any partner opportunities, please get in touch.

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